If you're an owner of a condo and have hired a listing agent to help sell your property what exactly should you expect them to do? While you probably have a vague understanding on what type of services listings agents provide their clients it's still best to know the details of what any listing agent should generally be doing.

Good thing you clicked on this article then because we have the intel on listing agents and what they're required to do in order to get your house or condo sold. In order to get you to realize what it is a listing agent does let's put you in their shoes and show you what a listing agent's day looks like.

First off, they check out the MLS activity report to see what the market is currently like, if any competing homes have changed their listing prices, and if any new listings have been added. All that information could have an effect on your sale so it's best that they are kept up-to-date on the MLS in your area. After that they work on a listing presentation, if they have one on the schedule, to seller prospects. If there's no listing presentation then it's time to strategize an open house and get your open house ready so that all the marketing they put into your home's open house will pay off. If they get any bites on your listing they'll set up private tours of the home to entice a bid.

All while this is happening your listing agent should be constantly keeping in touch with you about what they're doing to sell your home, as well as keeping you in the loop with whatever action, or lack thereof, there's been on your home. That means telling you about any marketing they've done for your home, whether or not other real estate agents have asked to see your home's MLS listing on behalf of their client, and whether or not any offers have been made on your home.

Now that you know what your listing agent's job is and what their duties are when it comes to ensuring your house gets sold, it's time to sit back, relax and let them work their magic! Good luck with the sale of your home and we hope the process moves along smoothly for you!

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