Selling your current home - and getting a good price for it - can be tough, especially when there are dozens of other people trying to sell homes just like yours. In situations like this, it's often necessary to go above and beyond to attract buyers unless you want to take a significant hit in price. Staging can help you do that. If you're new to the concept of staging, this article will explain how and why it works and how you can have your home staged in order to help it sell.

The principle behind staging is that most buyers don't have very good imaginations. They can't strip away your furniture, wall art, gaudy statues, and fridge magnets in their minds and replace it with their own personal items. They see what's there and what's there only, and if they don't like your collectible plate wall display or the black paint on the walls in your son's room, they're going to move on until they have found a place that already looks the way they want it. When you stage, you're attempting to create the look they want. We have provided you with a definition of home staging here.

The problem, of course, is that everyone has their own particular tastes, so when you stage you want to go for a look that's bland enough not to turn anyone off but also appealing in a low key way. Touring brand new condo builds, watching real estate shows on HGTV, and looking at home and garden magazines can give you a good idea of what sort of decor appeals to the most people: light, airy colors, fresh flowers, minimal furniture, matching, and symmetry.

You can easily achieve this look in your own home for sale if you're willing to put in the effort. You'll need to repaint the walls, put most of your furniture into storage and perhaps rent more appropriate furniture to display, and buy and arrange bland little decor details such as vases, flowers, patterned wall art, and shapeless glass knickknacks. You can buy much of your decor at dollar stores or thrift shops rather than shelling out for expensive pieces you're not going to keep.

If you don't have the time to stage your home yourself or you don't trust yourself to be able to create or copy a style buyers will like, you can arrange for a professional stager to stage your property for you. Professional staging is booming right now, especially in urban areas like Toronto, so finding a stager is easy. Choose a candidate based on their portfolio and sale record, pay them a few hundred dollars, and your home's chance of netting a good price jump way up. You can easily find a home staging business online or you can simply ask your real estate agent. They know firsthand how much home staging can benefit a property for sale and the sellers trying to get the best price. In fact, real estate brokers have stated that there are so many condos for sale at one given time that it is difficult to make one unit stand out from the next. They have been using home staging help for some time now and have seen a significant improvement in offers and overall home sales. When you take away the clutter and personal items and showcase the property for all that it offers, buyers don't have to try and imagine and instead can see their future before them.

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