Before if you wanted to ask your friends to come over and hang out with you or wanted to know what time their shift at the clinic was over you had to call them up on the telephone. An answer that would probably take about 15 seconds to get from them had to be done through a process that might take a couple of minutes. You had to pick up the phone, dial the number for their home, wait for the line to pick up, say some pleasantries, ask your question and then hang up. Sure seems like a lot to do just to get one simple answer right?

Luckily we no longer have to rely on the telephone to stay in communication with our friends, family members or coworkers. We have instant messaging for that now. With instant messaging, speaking to friends, family member, co-workers, or even your neighbour is quick and simple and it also eliminates the need to get distracted with phone calls or impromptu meetings.

It wasn't hard to call up your friend, with the intent of asking them what their plans for the evening were and get distracted talking about other things. Before you knew it you'd be on the phone for hours. The same thing can be said about talking to your co-workers. Going into a conference room to ask them how to file a certain report could lead to a half hour conversation about their weekend plans. It's very easy to get distracted like that; however, with the advent of instant messaging we no longer have to worry about spending hours on the telephone. We just ask them a question we need answered and they'll instantly message back. Just like that. You asked your question, they answered it, and now you can go back to doing whatever it is you were doing without wasting any time.

Instant messaging on the computer through MSN Messenger or GCHAT or text messaging on cell phones is a simple and convenient way to stay in touch with the many people in our lives. It is also a very efficient method of sending and receiving messages to staff who are out on service calls, or who normally work outside the office. For example, the crew from can receive queries from home office on their phones, and respond when they take a break from the job at hand.

You don't have to worry about making small talk during any lull because you're not actually in the same room as one another. You don't have to even worry about being a bad speller as each program is installed with a spell check.

You will find that many employees from one company will use an instant messaging program like Skype to keep in contact when one person is working from home or remotely, such as while on a business trip. Instant messaging has helped keep communication lines flowing between staff on a daily basis. Sales people prefer to use Skype as a quick and simple method to reach back to their office while they are on the road for sales calls. Office staff report it is much faster to get a quick answer through a instant message than to have to move from room to room and distract others while doing it.

If you have not already implemented some type of instant messaging for home, school or work, it is very simple to do and we think you would be pleased with the ease of use.

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