Every home sale is different and not everything is as it seems; both notions should be kept in the back of your mind if you're looking to purchase new real estate. For instance, just because one home you saw had a backyard hot tub that doesn't necessarily mean for certain it's part of the sale. In the world of real estate this is known as a sale exclusion, and it's pretty self-explanatory.

Sale exclusions are items that are not included with the property for sale and will be taken by the owner once the sale is finalized. Sale exclusions can be for any item and if you're buying real estate you should make sure that if you see something in the home that you plan that you have to have that it's included with the sale. It would be kind of silly to purchase a house because you fell in love with an above-the-stove clock radio only to find out after you've moved in that it wasn't included in the sale price.

Sale exclusions are a two-way street and buyers need to be told by the sellers of any sale exclusions that might be a part of any sale. So, if you're an owner of a condo that's on the market and you plan on taking anything with you such as main floor curtains or stainless steel kitchen appliances you better make sure that you add that detail and those items in the sale exclusions section of the purchase agreement.

If you don't include any items in the sale exclusions list and make off with them after the sale has been completed that could void the sale or lead to a lawsuit. Do you really want to risk the sale of your home because you decided that bathroom mirror had to leave with you after you moved out? We doubt you would want to go through the hassle of having to give the mirror after the new owners found it to be missing. If that mirror means so much to you then just make sure to add it as a sale exclusion and be up front about it with any prospective home buyers.

Just because an item is listed as an exclusion doesn't mean some sort of a side deal can't be reached. Deals like that happen all the time and buyers that see something they want in addition to the property like furniture or appliances will strike some sort of deal with the seller to make sure they get what they want. In the end, as long as both parties are clear as to what is or isn't a sale exclusion everything should go off without a hitch.

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