Office Cubicle

Most people think that the smallest piece of real estate they could possibly live in is their inner city condo or apartment. But did you know that many people spend more of their waking hours in their office cubicle than they do at home? It's true! Unless you've got a nice inheritance to live on, chances are you're going to spend upwards of 20 years working in cubicles or small office spaces. The following article should help you in making your cubicle livable and the envy of your coworkers.

You might think that your boss has forced you all to work in cubicles because he or she does not like other people or wishes to torture you personally, but in reality it has nothing to do with you. The business owner would have to spend much more money on real estate if he or she were to give everyone an office. Similarly, having an open "bullpen" style office would yield too many distractions for the average worker. Therefore the cubicle is the "happy medium."

However, "happy" is not the word that most cubicle dwellers use to describe their mental state. Being sequestered in a cubicle makes them feel claustrophobic and lonely. That's why it's always important to use your scheduled breaks to get out of your cubicle. Instead of sitting in the break room and hemming yourself into another small space, take your favourite music playlist and go for a walk to the coffee shop or sit for a few minutes in the park. It can make a difference.

Though most people resent their cubicle, they would resent it even more if they did not have even this one small space to call their own. It's not enough to keep your jacket in your cubicle - you need to mark the space clearly as your own to ward off wanderers. Give your cubicle an outside name plate and make sure to tell everyone you would prefer it if they not intrude on your space whether you're there or not. It's common courtesy.

And finally, though your cubicle is a place where you work long hours, there's no reason you can't put your personal stamp on the place and make it a little more inviting. Bring in a few decorations from home, such as a colorful pencil mug, a potted plant, or a pieces of colourful art. This will help make your time in your cubicle more bearable and also help you lay claim to this small piece of office real estate.

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