Many sellers who are having trouble selling their property end up spending thousands of dollars on renovations to make their house more appealing. Little do they know, expensive remodeling jobs are not necessarily needed. Most people's homes can be transformed utterly for no more than a few hundred dollars, which leaves you with more of a profit on the sale. How do they do it? They stage their homes. Click here to see typical services offered by a home staging business.


It's amazing how much difference a new coat of paint makes, both inside and outside the home. If you want your older home to look its' best, you can't just paint it any old colour, however. Stick with neutral tones that are popular in magazine decorating schemes because they will make your home seem brighter and larger. Avoid dark colours and funky decorating schemes that involve walls that are different colours, stripes, or patterned wallpaper. You can also find paint suggestions and colour schemes on


It's amazing how many places for sale barely have room inside them for the potential buyers to move around. During our lives we all tend to collect a lot of stuff, whether it's furniture or photos or knickknacks or toys. We're not telling you to throw it all away, just hide it out of sight in a storage locker somewhere so that buyers can actually see the walls and floors in your home. Extra furniture makes the place seem smaller, and no one wants that!


Many buyers always want the most modern house they can find. If your home is older, you can still compete simply by making the interior of your home look more modern. Check out the decorating schemes used on TV programs and in magazines for inspiration and repaint, slip cover, and set out knickknacks to conform to the ideal. Remove all your personal photos and items and keep things neutral so that buyers can see themselves living there.


And of course, don't neglect the exterior. Before the agent comes to take pictures for the listing, re-seal your driveway, patch and mow your lawn, tame your greenery, put away the toys, and set out a few flowering plants or shrubs in planters. You've got a lovely little garden that won't represent too much work to a buyer and will make a great first impression when they pull up at the curb. If you do not have a green thumb yourself, consider asking a landscaping company in to spruce up your yard and maintain it up until it sells. You can also ask them to keep the drive and sidewalk clear of snow should any fall and make it difficult for people to get inside. If you have a spare moment, please pay a visit to one of our participating sponsors, Bear Equipment Wire Rope Sheaves.

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